Upgrade Your Umbraco

Umbraco 7 is coming to its End of Life...

…But that doesn't mean your website should be

Need to knows

  • Umbraco has officially announced it will retire support from Umbraco 7 from September 2023.
  • This means: no maintenance on features and no fixes for bugs, regressions or security issues from this date.


What should you do?

A total migration to the latest version will be needed for you to be fully operational. The jump requires a complete rebuild and data import. However, this provides the perfect opportunity for a full website service to review performance, accessibility, UI, SEO, security, and social connections.

Will your website still work?


But remaining on Umbraco 7 would mean not only will you have the issue of security and data protection, you will also struggle to find a web agency that will be able to help you with future problems.


How should you make the transition?

If you want to make the process as simple, easy and pain free as possible, you'll need expert support. Here at Boxharry, we see the upgrade as an opportunity - rather than just a requirement. As well as porting to a new engine, we can reinvigorate your site.

Our latest article highlights the 5 things you need to do NOW to ensure a smooth migration...


...don't get caught in the last minute panic!